You want me to pick?

Life decisions. Terrifying, aren’t they?

Having to pinpoint what I’m truly interested in has always been difficult for me. Following one goal or path seems to take away other opportunities, to make life almost too predictable.

This week was the deadline for picking classes for next semester. Although it seems like choosing a few classes shouldn’t be too complicated, I had to figure out how those classes would get me on track for a major or fulfill distribution requirements. Again, not supposed to be hard, right?

Still, in my mind, the classes one chooses to take can help define their identity. When you pick a class, you declare your interest in a subject and curiosity about the material. Course selection can definitely be exciting when you read about all the classes you could take and the topics you could explore. Where I run into problems is actually narrowing all those options down to the few I can take in a semester.

It’s pretty awesome that we get the chance to choose who we want to be and what we want to do. I’m excited for all the¬†possibilities¬†ahead, and my only qualm is that I don’t want to sacrifice anything. If only college were a little longer…

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