iC Dingbat
  • March 2
    Unsung Heroes of Colby: Sharon Lee
    Emily Fleming '12 speaks with Sharon Lee, this weeks Unsung Hero. Unsung Heroes are people who work hard to make Colby such a wonderful place but often don't get the recognition they deserve. As...

  • February 23
    Forward Progress
    Emily Fleming '12 speaks with Rachael Mack '12, a forward on the women's basketball team. Since coming to Colby, Mack has been an integral part of the team, and has gained much recognition...

  • February 12
    Humbled by Haiti
    Emily Fleming '12 speaks with Yanica Faustin '10, and Jessie Frick '10, who were in Haiti on January 12th, 2010 when the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit. They spoke about what they went through...

  • February 5
    Discussing Dorm Damage
    Emily Fleming '12, speaks with various members of the Colby community about dorm damage. This year has seen an increasing amount of dorm damage on campus but no one is sure why. Run Time: 6:21.This...