iC Dingbat
  • September 24
    Castles, Bagpipes, and Volcanoes? Castles, Bagpipes, and Volcanoes?
    Find out what Marina Wells ’15 is up to during her study-abroad experience at the University of Edinburgh.

  • December 4
    Hello from AfricaHello from Africa
    Kim Johnson ’14 spends fall semester abroad in Kenya and Tanzania at the School for Field Studies.

  • November 15
    How Faith Can Unite Rather Than Divide How Faith Can Unite Rather Than Divide
    A new Colby initiative, the Multi-Faith Council, invites students representing all religions to come together for conversation and understanding around faith and spirituality on campus.

  • September 24
    Mule Love From AbroadMule Love From Abroad
    Lots of Mule love from abroad, Kayla, James, Sarah, and Shannon

  • March 10
    Bonjour de Paris!Bonjour de Paris!
    A postcard from Chelsea Tyler ’13.