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  • So Much to Do, So Little Time
    May 7
    So Much to Do, So Little Time
    As finals approach and the school year draws to a close, campus buzzes with activity and boredom becomes pratically impossible.

  • Accelerating into the Spring Semester
    April 23
    Accelerating into the Spring Semester
    As the weather heats up, so does the pace of life on Mayflower Hill. April at Colby brings a crescendo of activities and academic deadlines.

  • Late Winter on the Hill
    March 20
    Late Winter on the Hill
    Campus is active throughout late winter, with Colby's Winter Carnival, the Lunar New Year, dance, music, art, and competitions for both chili champion and Mr. Colby.

  • January on Mayflower Hill
    February 9
    January on Mayflower Hill
    Despite freezing temperatures, the Colby campus is as active as ever during the month-long January term.

  • Countdown to Turkey Day
    November 21
    Countdown to Turkey Day
    The weather is cooling down, but the community on campus is as warm as ever and there's lots to give thanks for this semester.

  • Full-Fledged Fall!
    October 28
    Full-Fledged Fall!
    As first semester hit the halfway point, colorful leaves and pumpkins found their way into student photographers' sights.

  • Summer Research and Relaxation
    August 1
    Summer Research and Relaxation
    Summers at Colby consist of collaborative research projects, a summer research retreat, and a little fun in the sun.

  • Spring into Summer
    June 25
    Spring into Summer
    Catching up with the end of the school year and taking stock of summer activities, student photographers keep a lens trained on Colby and Maine.

  • April Mixes Study and Sun
    April 30
    April Mixes Study and Sun
    Spring lures students outdoors, but there's a flurry of research in April as well.

  • Here Comes the Sun
    April 9
    Here Comes the Sun
    After an old-fashioned Maine winter, Colby students take advantage of the warm April sun.

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